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What is a business plan?

A Business plan is a synopsis of strategy, tactics, schedules, milestones, metrics and absolute figures of forecasts, cash inflows, and outflows. It defines the nature of the business and strategic intent and provides a direction to achieve the set objectives and goals. For small to significant level business owners, it is useful to hire professional business plan writing services to achieve growth and success. 

Objectives of a business plan 

The aim of writing a start-up business plan is to avoid failures. Researchers say 70% of new businesses fail due to ineffective business planning. Hence, it is imperative to seek professional and expert services for writing a business plan to mitigate risk and challenges.

Types of business plans 

Having compiled research of more than 400 of different countries and industries, we have a strong reputation among clients and the industry. We offer a wide range of business plan writing services that includes investor business plans, bank complaint business plans, franchise business plan, market research business plan and etc.

Why hire professional business plan writing services? 

Experts provide exceptional state of the art business plan writing services for small and large entrepreneurs. We ensure to hire educated business writers, financial experts, and researchers competent enough to provide value to your business plan and help you to achieve the business objectives. The writers are the best for you following the standard industry practices and delivering customized business plans.

Investor Business Plans

Start-up business plans look for equity funding to make their dream come true. A great business idea presentation with supporting business plan helps to seek funding from venture capitalists, angel investors, or private investors.

Business Plans for Bank Loans 

A customized business plan conceptualized to seek a bank loan is a forte of our business plan writers. The business plan must be a well-written document of about 25-30 pages including color charts, graphs, 5-year financial projections, executive summary, market information and analysis, and operational analysis.

A Business Plan for a Franchise

Entering into the brand industry through purchasing a franchise still needs meticulous planning. It emerges concerns related to the cost of starting a franchise, ideal location of the store, value addition to the brand, and market analysis. Untouchable business plan writing services by experts of the industry can give a definite direction to accomplish the goals and objectives of the business.

5 step business plan process  

Within ten days, a customized start-up business plan will be ready. Though, the timeline depends upon the complexity of the project. The business plans are prepared with great responsibility to answers the questions of what, why, how and who.

Information gathering : Its starts with the information gathering process by the business writers. They are the experts who write a business plan with a sincere and meticulous study.  

Research : Market research and analysis builds the foundation of a business plan. Here, financial experts develop the financials of the company with in-depth research and best practices of the industry.  

Review and revision : Specific changes related to the industry and clients, a customized business plan are prepared to offer 14 days of revision time.

Graphics plan design : The experts after revision improve the look and design of the draft professionally.   

Print and deliver : The final draft of the start-up business plan is printed and delivered to the client.


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